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USS Slater is open to the public for tours.

Hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 10AM - 4PM

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During World War II, 563 Destroyer Escorts battled Nazi U-boats on the North Atlantic protecting convoys of men and material. In the Pacific they stood in line to defend naval task forces from Japanese submarines and Kamikaze air attacks. Today, only one of these ships remains afloat in the United States, the USS SLATER.

Moored on the Hudson River in Albany, New York, the USS SLATER has undergone an extensive fifteen-year restoration that has returned the ship to her former glory. The museum offers hour-long guided tours, youth group overnight camping, and a historic location to hold naval reunions.

Open for Tours: April through November, Wednesday through Sunday, 10AM - 4PM

    The Clifton Park Vipers softball team came by to help with cleaning and take a tour
    of the ship.