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Deck Activities

You can challenge yourselves with the activities on our wood deck.  Tie knots, talk on a sound-powered phone, learn how to honor and fold the American flag, or talk with your family and friends using flags and flashing light.  And remember to step into our Victory Garden to pick a tomato!

Come.…be a Bluejacket!

Semaphore Flags


“Talking” with Flags

Semaphore flags were first used just before the start of World War II. Officers at training camp learned how to send messages using the flags that helped sailors “talk” to each other. One flag is held in each hand. The positions of the hands and flags are based on a system to create the letters of the alphabet.



Knot Tying

Knots and Hitches

Knots are used to join two ropes together, or to shorten one rope.  You can also tie up, tow, haul, hoist, and support objects. Sometimes called the “king of knots”, the Bowline never jams or slips if properly tied. Generally tied in the hand, it can also be used as a hitch and tied directly around the object.

You will be amazed to see what you can accomplish!



Nora's Garden

Nora's Garden

Our Victory Garden is named in honor of Frank Slater’s mom, Nora. Frank Slater was killed in action in the World War II Battle of Guadalcanal, in November of 1942. The USS SLATER was named in honor of the sacrifice Frank made when he gave his life in defense of democracy and the Four Freedoms that President Roosevelt stated were the basic right of all humanity. The Four Freedoms are Freedom from want, Freedom from fear, Freedom of expression through religion, and Freedom of speech.


Soound Powered Telephone

Sound Powered Telephones

Sailors used sound-powered phones during World War II to communicate onboard ship while at sea. During lookout duty, sailors watched the sea and sky for approaching enemy. The phones were also used during battle so the Captain could talk with his crew and give orders.




Morse Code

Morse Code

The International Morse code is the Navy dot-dash system, also known as dits and dahs. The Morse code is particularly adapted to sound signaling but also tailored to visual signaling with a flashing light.


American Flag

American Flag Etiquette

How do you fold the American flag? Is it alright to fly the American flag at night?  What does “half-staff” mean? What do you do with a worn or torn American flag?

At the USS SLATER, we teach proper flag etiquette in respect of the American flag.